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It Shouldn’t Be This Easy to Make Money Online – But It Is!

make-money-onlineInternet marketing rule number 1 – don’t make making money online hard. I’ve done some consulting over the years and coached internet marketers, and I’ve found one thing – they love to complicate their business.

By the time they come my way, they has this fangled, convoluted business model that makes me vomit just thinking about it.

No, that won’t work. We need simple, simple models built on simple, simple systems. Here’s my business model that I use for all my stuff.

First, I start with lead generation. I have a system for getting leads to my website. I focus on the “big 3”. At all times, I have three different ways to get traffic to my website. I do it through articles (like this one), joint ventures with people who have lists, and with pay per click advertisement. I spend a part of my day getting traffic to my site.

Second, I take that traffic and build an email list with it. This is the formula I use every time. Traffic comes to my page. I offer them something of value for free – either a report, a video or whatever. To get it, they have to sign up for my list. Every day I’m checking my sign up rates and tweaking things to make improvements to get more people signing up for my list.

Third, I send them messages every few days that do three things – give them more value, help to build a tighter relationship between them and me, and to promote my products. I have two products – a cheap product and an expensive product.

I market my cheap product on the front end to make some upfront money. Those who buy my front end product then go through another email series where I try to sell them my more expensive product.

The final module of my business is to create and offer additional products to my list, based on their feedback.

It’s not complicated, because it doesn’t have to be. A long time ago I realized that when I was cashing my checks at the bank, nobody was giving me extra money for doing things the hard way.

Now, do you think I have systems for each of these steps, so I can do them as efficiently as possible, as quickly as possible and to get the best results as possible? You bet your hat I do.

So here’s what you need to do to succeed online. First, develop a very simple plan. Heck, use the same plan I use. Second, systematize every process within that plan, so you can do it without even having to really think about it.

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site for free is with article marketing.

I’ve perfected an article writing system that has literally changed people’s lives and has cut their article writing time down from 1 hour per article to 7 minutes. To learn this article writing secret, go to

How To Create Information Products Effortlessly – And Not Feel Guilty About It

info-productIt’s really not that hard to create a really good information production that you can sell for $47 or more a pop. In fact, it’s really simple, if you systematize it.

Here’s how I do it – I first look for the ten main points related to the topic I’m writing about. What I want to do is answer the ten most pressing concerns or solve the ten most pressing problems that my target audience faces.

So, each of those ten problems becomes a chapter. Then I have an introduction chapter and a conclusion chapter, for a total of twelve chapters.

After that, I begin to outline each chapter. I keep it simple, because I use the same outline technique for each chapter. First I start with telling them why they should learn the information that I am going to present to them in this chapter. I tell them how learning this information can empower them in certain ways. I also show how it can help enhance the relationships they have with others.

Finally, I tell them why learning this information can boost their self esteem and give them a feeling of accomplishment if they follow through with it and make positive changes because of it. That’s usually good for the first page.

After that, the next part of my outline is presenting the information. I first start with the major concept for that chapter. I tell them what the exact intent I am aiming for by giving this information. Then I give them principles to back up my main concept – in other words, I explain to them why it works before I tell them how it work.

Then I simply give them a step by step process for getting the results. This is “what” they need to know in order to get the results they desire.

After I give them a step by step action sequence, I go back through it and highlight potential sticking points. I then offer remedies for those sticking points so they don’t get caught up and have trouble following through.

After I do that, I then tell them what they can expect to achieve in the real world once they master the concept I have presented in the real world. I try to give them a case study of someone who has already achieved those results, so they can know what to expect.

Finally, I show them where they can apply the information in the chapter to, and where they should avoid it. Then, I close out the chapter and move on to the next one, where I repeat the process.

By following this simple outline, I can crank out products at will in a very quick time. But the good news is that my outline forces me to create high quality products!

However, the best products in the world won’t sell if you don’t get targeted traffic to your website.

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site for free is with article marketing.

I’ve perfected an article writing system that has literally changed people’s lives and has cut their article writing time down from 1 hour per article to 7 minutes. To learn this article writing secret, go to


Internet Marketing for Lazy People – Product Creation Secrets

make-moneyIt’s so easy to create information products that you can sell for $7, $27 or even $97 that it’s laughable. Everyone should create their product, and I don’t know why so many people who do internet marketing don’t have one.

I actually have a “product idea generator” checklist I use to create products on demand. When I use this checklist in combination with a very specific outline I’ve developed, I’m knocking out products in as little as one day – or in some cases a few hours.

One of my favorite products to create is a “Done For You” product. These can include website templates, squeeze pages designed to get people to sign up for your lists, or so on. The idea here is to create something that is a push button solution.

How easy is this? Hire a few freelancers to do some graphic design and web design for you, get an article writer to create some content for cheap, and then in a week you have a complete product you can package and sell.

Too much work? Okay, how about this. On my book shelf I have a whole bunch of “self help” books. If I wanted to enter the self-help market, here’s what I’d do. First, I’d pick a sub niche, so there wouldn’t be much competition.

Then I’d find every author on amazon who has a book written related to that topic. Then, I’d just get their contact information and call them up on the phone. I’d present them with my business plan on how I’d like to do some teleseminars with them, and then give them a portion of the sales.

Get nine experts together, and now you don’t just have a teleseminar – you have a full fledged course. Hire a transcriptionist, and convert the calls into an ebook. Or better yet, have someone make power point videos out of the calls, so now you have a “video course”.

Then, when you sell them this the course, when they are checking out offer them a two month free subscription to your membership site. That’s another instant product you’ve created. The great thing about doing this is that you don’t even have to have any content in your membership site yet. Just get them to sign up, and then afterwards, create the content. If they stay around for two months, then start billing them.

If you’ve built up an email list, offer a private, 30 minute consultation for $50. Instant service. Then, get permission to record the call, bundle a bunch of the calls up together, and sell that as a product. Instant product.

I have a list of 27 product idea generators that I always look at when I decide I want to create a product. You should develop your own list as well. Just look around and see what the big boys are doing, and take notes of the different types of products they are offering.

One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site for free is with article marketing.

I’ve perfected an article writing system that has literally changed people’s lives and has cut their article writing time down from 1 hour per article to 7 minutes. To learn this article writing secret, go to



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