Article Marketing – Both Sides of the Fence

November 12, 2009

Every site has its own set of guidelines – but I think if you adhere to the following – more of your articles will get published. It is best to check each site’s set of rules (but who has the time) or follow this basic set of do’s and don’ts.

  1. Do submit articles on a regular basis
  2. Do capitalize the first letter of every word in the subject line
  3. Do check the spelling and grammar – and then check it again
  4. Do write original articles about topics you have a passion for
  5. Do write articles that are about 400-800 characters in length – too short and too long will be rejected
  6. Do write an article – not a blatant advertisement
  7. Do check the paragraph formatting
  8. Do write an informative Author’s resource box
  9. Do use HTML tags (if allowed) – I would demonstrate an example of a proper link – but most likely it would cause the article to be declined. Just Google HTML link to see how to do it correctly
  10. Don’t capitalize every letter in the subject line
  11. Don’t bold the subject or your links
  12. Don’t submit more than 2 links in the author’s resource box
  13. Don’t put links in the text of the article
  14. Don’t cloak links – do it legally to get links back to your site
  15. Don’t write an ad – write an article (I know – I already said this above)

Here are some general recommendations:

  1. Get a real domain – it is much more acceptable and professional than blogspot, angelfire, or any of the other free site places. If you want to have a blog – get a domain and use wordpress – the domain will cost all of about 8 dollars per year and hosting can be had for under $5 per year.
  2. Use an autosubmitter. There are free and paid services – either way – your article(s) will be at hundreds or thousands of sites instead of one or two. Be advised that some article sites don’t accept articles submitted by autosubmitters – but they are in the minority.
  3. Visit your articles. Many article sites will send you an email that tells you that your article has been submitted. Go and look and make sure it looks OK, the link(s) are correct and then vote for it and if the site has social bookmarks – bookmark it.
  4. If you use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles – change them – make them different so that they are not the same as a bazillion other articles online.
  5. Check the sites’ guidelines – some don’t accept gambling articles, sexually oriented articles, etc. Some will even decline your article if it doesn’t pass their internal word search. I have had some declined for using the word “sex” or “marijuana” in the article. Even though the “sex” article was health related and the “marijuana” article was a travel advice article informing travelers not to smuggle drugs. Sometimes you can’t win.
  6. Don’t get frustrated. It can take time for the articles to get indexed in the search engines and it can take time for the article site owners to approve your articles. Just keep plugging away and it will pay off.
  7. Quality is better than quantity. Just cranking out crap articles daily is not as good as writing 2 or 3 good articles every week.
  8. Take time with the subject. If the subject is boring – most likely the article will not get read. Be creative.
  9. Write 2 or 3 sentences in the Author’s resource box. Tell us about yourself and why you are the expert on this topic or why we should click your link.

Hopefully this helps you in getting more of your articles published.


Article Marketing Is a Hidden Treasure

November 11, 2009

Article Marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive way of promoting a website, a service or a product. Article marketing is a very good way of marketing a product, services or a websites on the internet. A good number of internet marketers are still unaware of the potentials of article marketing. Currently, article marketing is a hidden treasure. Those who discovered this hidden treasure are currently making hundreds and thousands of dollars by just writing and submitting articles to free article sites. Free article sites are sites that accept the submission of free articles from people like me and you.

What is Article Marketing? Article Marketing is a type of advertisement where product owners or website owners write articles for the purpose of promoting a product, services or a website. Article Marketing is one cool and free way of getting free and targeted traffic to a website. With article marketing, you can sell products, drive traffic to blogs and websites. In addition to this, article marketing helps a lot in website ranking. By writing quality and useful articles, your website have the potential of ranking very high in search engines for a given words, keywords or terms. For individuals who find it difficult to write, article marketing could be a very difficult way of promoting a website or a business. If you are the kind that finds it difficult to write articles, you can higher a ghost writer to write one for you. The cost of such service is not much compared to the benefits you will get from it.

There are many article sites on the internet today. These article sites allow one to post article for free. When you post your article to article sites, publishers who want fresh content will publish your article to their website, thus giving you and your business, services or websites more popularity. Article marketing is currently a very popular method or promoting a website, services or a business. The only problem is that many website owners now write low quality articles which is not good for the web existence or in other way, it might not be approved by the articles site review, and by not been approve you are equally losing your potential traffic visitors to your website. And Such poor quality article will make readers to lose their thrust and interest for such articles. It is encouraged to spend time to write a pretty quality article that will be approved my the articles reviewing sites, of which the profit results to your landing website is potentially enormous.

Are you a website owner, a business owner, a service owner, a product owner, etc? Why not use article marketing today to reach your potential visitors and target market.

Article Marketing is a Digital Cash Cow

November 11, 2009

One of the newest ways to draw traffic to a website is by an internet marketing technique known as Article Marketing. There are three things that assist a website in being successful, popularity, navigation, and content. Navigation is in the hands of the Webmaster. Whereas popularity and content is the responsibility of the website owner. Article marketing helpsthese last to two to excel. The internet is controlled by search engines and they are information junkies. And like anyjunkie they are forever in pursuit of a new fix. Knowing how to take an article and distribute it to your advantageis a present day necessity. Because when a search engine gets high on some content it rewards its owner by promoting awebsites ranking which generates the ever welcome organic (free) traffic. And traffic is the life supporting blood ofinternet prosperity.

Article marketing needs obviously articles to operate. Unlike articles one might find in newsstands and magazines internet content has specific requirements to have any real value. Since search engines locate information requests from internet users by using a system utilizing keywords internet articles must incorporate keywords into the body of written content. Understanding how to create articles with the proper amount of keyword density is not accidental. If one has not taken the time to research this needed article marketing requirement they should seriously consider hiring professional writers to accumulate needed content. Placing articles void of this keyword density necessity on their websites or to Article directory’s do so in vain.

One key components of article marketing is the submitting of content to Article Directories. There are hundreds if not thousands of these type of directories on the internet. These directories act as a source for website owners to find fresh content for their own websites or newsletter. The more directories one submits there articles to the more exposure a website gets. Search engines favor large sites when indexing. By having an article in directories the search engines will visit your website more frequently. And if the content pleases the expectations of the search engines it will improve where you rank with other websites promoting the same services or products.

When submitting to Article Directory’s each article is usually allowed to include an author’s resource box. This resource box is another important area to understand to make article marketing meaningful. The resource box allows the reader to know who wrote the article and how to find them if so desired. Because of copy write laws it must be included anywhere the article is placed on the internet. In this resource box an anchor texted URL is placed in it which not only makes it easy for the reader to click to your site but when placed on another website creates a back link. As the article is used more and more on the internet these back links start to increase the popularity of a website. At least thats how the search engines will register these numerous locations. When submitting articles to directories be sure to use different formats.

Experiment to see which type of format is generating clicks. Good article marketing requires intelligent labor. To run a successful article marketing campaign one must be consistent and quality conscious. When you first start a campaign consider submitting at least one article a day. This will quickly increase back links. After the first month you can slow down a bit but never stop. Article marketing succeeds because of its creating a viral effect. It behaves like the well known pyramid game. An article once it spreads starts to create back links in an ongoing exponential fashion.

However, the more it appears the less value it has with the search engines. Nevertheless even though its value for improving search engine ranking diminishes it still grows in value for generating traffic. Another thing to be sure to do is proof read the articles before submitting them. Good article marketing needs good grammar too. The better your article appears the more credibility it will get. And the more credible the more readers will trust the source.

Article marketing can be very time consuming because you will want to spread your articles to as many article directories as possible this will suck up a lot of time. This dilemma can be resolved a couple of ways. One way is to engage the services of businesses that specialize in doing this for you. This will save you time but many of these services ,the better ones, can be pricey. Another way is to purchase software that is designed to submit articles. Normally they have hundreds of directories catalogued in there application. Many directories have automated receiving plug-ins that will automatically except submissions. However, many don’t allow automatic submission from software devices. So mix it up. Submit your articles to the major directories personally then use the software to contact the rest.

Regardless of how you decide to run your article marketing efforts be sure you do it. Article marketing is a time proven benefit to engage in if you wish to increase traffic to a website. And we all know another word for traffic is Money. The more traffic your article marketing generates is the more money you’ll be stuffing in your virtual pockets.

Article Marketing to Boost Site Traffic

November 11, 2009

You’ve been writing great articles for your website or blog, keyword rich, insightful pieces that should be studied in marketing classes. You’ve probably seen an increase in site traffic since you started writing using SEO. But there’s another way to use the articles that you’re already writing to boost traffic even more.

Publish them on other sites.

It’s simple math. Your site receives 200 hits a day. Site B receives 500. If you get an article published on Site B, your site and marketing links are exposed to 700 people.

Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done. You have to convince the editor or webmaster of Site B that your article is more worthy of publication than Joe Schmoe’s about the same subject. If you think you can, then you are all set to start your very own article marketing campaign and boost traffic to your site. Here’re some hints to sell articles for your article marketing campaign.


E-mail has become one of those quick forms of communication. We type them out real quick, using the first words and phrases that come to mind, and then send them off without a second thought, like leaving a voicemail. But in the case of article marketing (and everything else you use e-mail for), the e-mail is the first writing sample a buyer will read. If your e-mail is not professional and well written, there is no reason for a buyer to move onto the actual article. You will have failed the ever important first impression.

This is a failure that can be avoided by taking the time to edit the e-mail. Make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes, that your sentences make sense, and that you don’t have more words necessary. Other things like making sure the subject line is eye catching or addressing the e-mail to a specific person instead of a company or a “To Whom It May Concern” can make your article stand out in the crowd.


This one sounds like a no brainer, but at least now you can’t say nobody told you. Make sure that you send your articles to places that will actually publish them. This obviously applies to content (don’t send an article about high New York Society to a Mountain Climber’s website), but this also applies to style and voice and things like that. If you’re an edgy, sarcastic writer, you probably don’t want to be submitting to a serious, boring site. They simply won’t publish your article, and your article marketing campaign will be a waste.

Also, don’t just write an article and then try to get it published. This method might produce some results, but they will be few and far between and will require a lot of time and selling. Instead, write your articles with a specific site in mind. Go and read other articles on the site. Know the voice and structure of the already published articles. Review the submissions guidelines. Be familiar with policies. In the e-mail, include reasons that your article is a perfect match for their site. An article written with purpose for a specific site or group of sites will be more successful than one written without a destination in mind.


The whole point of article marketing is to convince people to click on the link to your site that you’ve included in your byline. You will lose a lot of credibility if your article is full of grammatical mistakes and poorly thought out sentences. Write several drafts of your articles. Make sure you’re saying what you mean. Once your article is perfect, have someone else read it to make sure you’re not blind. You’d be amazed what you miss in your own writing, even if you’re a professional editor. Doing this will A. Make editors more likely to accept your work and B. Give the reader the impression that you are professional, which will in turn make them try to find out what else you have to say.


If you can, include links in the body of your e-mail that will lead back to your site. After all, that is the entire point of article marketing. A good way to do this is to refer to an article that you’ve written in the past that is ‘coincidentally’ posted only on your website. People like more information, and if you tell them there is more on another site, chances are that they’ll go there, and you just got another hit.

Be careful not to overuse this technique. Too many links will make them commonplace and readers won’t notice them. Including one or two makes them special and probably worthwhile. Also, don’t link to irrelevant articles. Readers will just get annoyed and not browse around your site. The object of article marketing is to get people exploring your site. If they wind up at a random article, they’ll just close the window and go back to what they were reading, instead of stumbling across your affiliate marketing links.


Don’t ever forget about the signature or byline at the end of your article. This should include your name, of course, but also a link directly to your site’s homepage. You might also consider linking to a few related articles that are posted on your site. Anyone who enjoyed the article will take the time to see who wrote it and what their background or own personal ventures are, and chances are, they’ll click on the link to read more by you. The signature section is the climax of your article marketing campaign. It is where you are trying to guide readers with your article so they will see your links and visit your site and make you money. It’s that simple.

Article Marketing Information And Advice

November 6, 2009

informationWriting articles as I am sure many of you know is a very popular way of increasing the amount of backward links that you have pointing to your site. In theory, the more of these backward links we are able to obtain, the more traffic our site should receive. There are however some very important things to take into consideration when writing and submitting your articles as you do not want to be wasting your time and you do not want your site to get dropped by the major search engines or put in some sort of sandbox.

The first thing to remember is that Rome was not built in a day. What I mean is if you have a new website, about for example hair loss, you may want to reach the top ten in Google for your keywords within say six months. You hear that one way to do this is by building up good number of backward links to this hair site. You think that the more the merrier and start pounding out one article after the other and are very proud of yourself after the first month because you were able to write fifty articles all pointing to your new hair website.

I believe this approach to be totally wrong. The hair loss websites which are in the top ten of Google have probably been around for quite a number of years and will without doubt have a number of quality backward links. If your site sticks around for a long time and you continue to build up its backward links it will go higher and higher in the search engines over time.

The one thing you do not want to do is to raise any red flags with the search engines. A new site which has eight hundred backward links after one month could raise this red flag. The search engines will now probably not trust this site and could easily put it in some sort of sandbox until it decides whether it is kosha or not.

In my opinion it is important to build up the number of backward links to a new website fairly slowly. When writing articles, I would personally only write one article with a link to a new website per week. Of course if you have ten websites, you are able to write ten articles if you only decide to have one link on each article etc.

I also think that it is very worthwhile to only submit the same article to around five or six of the different article directories. I would submit the article in total to around twenty-two article directories but would have around four variations of it etc. The differences in each article are not massive but are big enough to make it more original. There is a big thing being debated at the moment in webmaster circles about the potential damage that can be caused by duplicate content. From what I have read, everybody seems to have a different opinion on this subject. My opinion is that it is better to be safe than sorry, therefore why take the risk? It would be good however if the major search engines could clarify their position on the subject, but lets face it, that is never going to happen.

In conclusion, my advice is to enjoy writing articles, have patience, build up the number of backward links slowly and to submit different variations of the same article to the directories.

Ghost Writing System

October 16, 2009

ghost-writerHow to Become an Internet Ghost Writer

How would you like to earn as much as $40 per hour, working from home and calling your own shots?

How To Get Paid What You Want

get-paidBeing a freelance copywriter can have its perks. You are your own boss. You can work from your home. You can work in your filthiest clothes and not have your colleagues writing a petition for you to take a bath.

You call the shots! No irritating colleagues, no boss breathing down your throat. Most of all you can dictate what you earn.

But most copywriters sell themselves short.

I’ve seen this happen so many times — gifted copywriters who should be earning twice or even thrice what they are getting. New copywriters usually just ask for the minimum or just let the client dictate how much they are going to get paid. Isn’t that how you’re supposed to start?


Here’s what every starting copywriter should do:

First ask yourself:
“How much would I like to make an hour?”

The idea is to “reverse engineer” your business, so it suits you. This is much better than letting others set your prices for you. Once you know what you’re willing to work for, then you create a specific plan to achieve that figure.

Here’s how it works:

1. Come Up With Your Ideal Hourly Figure
2. Calculate Your Average Article Writing Speed
3. Determine if it’s “doable”
4. If it isn’t, increase your APH and/or EPV

aph-and-epvClick here to know more about increasing your APH and EPV.

How to Earn Top Dollar Fees Writing Articles

dollar-signThe faster you work, the more money you’ll make. It’s that simple.

The average ghost writer gets paid between $3.50 and $6.50 per article. But you don’t want to be “average” do you?

The reason those fees are so low is because most ghost writers don’t know a damn thing about perceived value, or how to enhance their own. So they’re forced to cut their prices to stay competitive!

I can tell you first hand people looking for ghost writers take a lot more into consideration than the fee you charge.

Why? Well, many people find out if they pay $5 per article to a ghostwriter, often times they have to go back and edit the articles they receive. Time is money of course. To spare themselves of wasted time and headache, they’re willing to pay more if they are confident in their ghostwriter.

You can build that confidence with the right perceived value enhancement techniques!

Also, you need to position yourself to attract a certain quality client. Ideally you want to only work for people who have good, proven marketing systems that allows them to make “$X” per article.

So these clients don’t bat an eye when you quote them prices of $10 or $12 per article… provided that you have the right “perceived value”.

As you can see, if you increase your article writing speed and the amount you can charge per article, you’ll exponentially increase your dollar per hour figure.

However, none of that matters if you can’t get any clients.

How to Get Paying Clients

If you’re like me, you like instant results.

Here’s are the top 3 prospecting methods that you can use to snag paying clients in your first 24 hours of business.

  1. The PLR Membership Method – locate and approach PLR membership site owners, and get them interested in partnering with you.
  2. The “Forum Search” Method -use forums to get people who are desperately looking to pay a ghostwriter – any ghostwriter – for service!
  3. The Referral Method -build a referral funnel into your ghostwriting business to make your clients much more likely to send other clients your way.


Want to know the answer? Click here to find out.

7-Minute Articles : Write Articles in 7 Minutes or Less

October 13, 2009

writing-an-articleHow to Write an Article in 7 Minutes or Less – Article Writing Guide for Internet Marketers

Article Marketing is the cheapest and easiest way to get traffic to your website or online business. However writing good articles can be tedious at times. Some people take hours to get one measly article done. I would like to share with you my formula for writing articles in 7 minutes or less.

The Secret for Writing Articles Quickly!

Here’s how it works.

  1. Open 3 research sites – this could vary depending on your chosen niche market.
  2. Skim the article to find 3 main points.
  3. Outline each main point with two “sub points.”
  4. Create an opening paragraph.
  5. Use the three main points you gathered and write two to three sentences about each of the main points.
  6. Create a conclusion. Simply summarize the main points you mentioned in the body.
  7. Proof read your article, and then submit it to the appropriate directory.

To make it simpler I have created templates for writing an opening paragraph, article body and conclusion. These templates allow you to write without every having to pause to think… and they’re also designed so each article remains 100% unique, and of the highest quality.

This method has nothing to do with plagiarism! If I were asking you to copy and paste lines from other people’s articles my title would have been “How to Grab Articles and Make Them Your Own in Less Than a Minute”.

Click HERE for more information on How to Write an Article In 7 minutes. For the sceptics I’ll even show you, in real time, right in front of your eyes how to do it.

articlesHow to Turn 1 Article Into 8!

Internet marketers and ghostwriters often find themselves writing several articles around the same keyword or topic every single day. Boring!

Save yourself the trouble of brainstorming ways to present the same topic over and over again. Here’s the secret to turning 1 article into 8!

Present the information in different, entirely unique ways.

Seems simple but you have no idea how much time, effort and MONEY this simple technique could save you.

There are 8 different presentation styles:

1. Straightforward Style
2. FAQ Style
3. Quiz Style
4. Step by Step Style
5. Checklist Style
6. Mistakes Style
7. Story Style
8. Profession Style

By combining my 7 minute article writing formula with each of these presentation styles…

You could…

Instantly Turn 1 Article Into 8… Almost Effortlessly!

You know what this means, right? You only have to do the research one time!

This would cut your article writing time down from an hour to under 15 minutes.

How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block and Write Articles Effortlessly

waystomakemoneywebsiteOne time I wrote for six hours straight… and enjoyed almost every minute of the process.

How’s that possible?

It’s all about what you focus on and what feelings you anchor to writing. By using special “neuro linguistic programming” technology, I was able to instantly be able to put myself into a writing frenzy… no matter what!

I guess you could even call it “brainwashing”. But I’d say you already brainwash yourself to feel a certain way about writing articles. Why not manipulate it so writing articles always brings you pleasure?

Now you can.

It works like this. Before changing negative associations toward writing, you first clear your mind of them. Now you have a “clean slate”.

The next step is to associate massive pleasure with article writing. You can use some simple questions and perform exercises to do that. This by itself will automatically make you a more productive and a better writer.

The final trick is to “Time Fold” so 1 hour feels like ten minutes.

Click here now to find out how “time fold” works.


Find Out How I Put Together A Product Launch in 90 Minutes That Pulled in $10,520!

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The Secret to Writing Hundreds of Irresistible Article Headlines

With internet marketing and article writing you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are tons of resources out there that you could use, reuse and abuse!

When writing articles for article directories you need to have an excellent headline to get noticed. In fact the most important part of your article is your article title. Have a boring title and you have wasted an entirely good article because chances are, nobody would even bother reading your article.

Now, instead of getting a nosebleed just coming up with a good article headline let me share with you a technique I use to get excellent headlines.
Here’s my secret to writing article headlines that get clicks…


Say what?

I use to flush out article titles.

Here are headlines I found in under 2 minutes using in a specific way:

“Sex Cuts Public Speaking Stress”
“Soccer Player Yellow Carded For Farting”
“5 Movie Fighting Styles Too Awesome to Actually Exist”
“Miracle diet pill with teeny-tiny side effect”
“3 out of 4 women now prefer a plasma tv to a diamond…”
I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the most important part of your article is your headline.

80% of people will use ONLY your headline to determine if they’re going to read your article. That’s 4 out of 5 people. Imagine how much impact a few words can make.

So here’s how you make your article titles irresistible. You get ideas by going through articles on, and then “knocking them off” by slightly changing them and applying them to your topic.

Here’s an example:
5 Facts About Woodstock The Hippies Don’t Want You to Know

If you are in the internet marketing niche we can knock off this article title to:

5 Facts About Internet Marketing The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

Or we could be more specific:

5 Facts About Article Marketing Jason Fladlien Doesn’t Want You To Know

I was able to write an intriguing title just by looking at the first page of Digg. Excellent title but of course you know it’s not true – I would gladly share my article marketing secrets with you.

Here’s an analogy I often use: it’s easier to find a crowd and stand in front of

them than to try to attract a crowd to come to you. With article writing, it’s better to find headlines for articles that are already grabbing people by the eyeballs than to come up with headlines off the top of your head.

Want to learn more article writing tips and techniques?

Click here now to claim your free gift from Jason Fladlien.

Improve Your Writing Skills